How does it work

Step 1: discover our lines

You can view our entire teamwear collection on the website. You can choose from the cycling collection, running collection and the triathlon collection.

Step 2: choose your line

Some of the three categories are divided into different lines. Read the explanation for each line carefully. They are aimed at different types of athletes. You can always contact us for a free advice.

Step 3: Request a quotation

When you have made a choice, you can request a quote by telephone, e-mail or via the website. We strive to contact you no later than the next business day.

Step 4: Designer starts to work

After agreement the creative part begins. Our designer will immediately start working for you. He will come to a great end result in consultation with you.

Step 5: Determine the sizes

In order to ensure that you and your team mates will wear the right size, we will send fitting clothes. With this, you determine your desired sizes for each piece of clothing 

Step 6: Enjoy the distance

Place your order. After the clothes are delivered, you can go on the road together.
From now on the delivery time (6-12 weeks) starts to run.


Enjoy the distance!