Door onze jarenlange ervaring hebben wij al heel wat klanten mogen helpen met het aankleden van de teams. Zij delen graag hun ervaringen met jou...


Rob Daniels - Director Packaging Partners

WV Breda

Already during my youth I rode in Rogelli clothing, which I believe to be one of the first shirts in stretchable Lycra.

Later, as a member of WV Breda, I encountered the clothing by Rogelli increasingly often in cycling groups. When the year 2016 was coming to an end (in the meantime I was asked to become chairman of WV Breda) the agreement with the clothing supplier back then came to an end.

One of the problems we encountered with our cycling club, was the management of the stock. The clothing had to be purchased by the association, taken into stock and resold to members. This led to a complex administration with many mistakes, resulting in unwanted stock or deficits. Marijn Wagtmans and me knew each other for a while and Marijn offered to solve this problem. A WV Breda webshop was opened, where our members could order their own clothing on two moments each year. Rogelli handles the administration and payments. On request the sportswear can be send or picked up. A wide choice of accessories, corresponding with the colors of the club, is available throughout the year. This completes our assortment. On 1-1-2017 we started the collaboration with Rogelli and are still fully satisfied. The quality of the apparel is good and when there is a problem, it will be solved immediately. We are happy with a nice collaboration, good service and quality. We are very satisfied.

- Rob Daniels - Director Packaging Partners
Wim Waninge - Erasmus MC Foundation Rotterdam

Erasmus MC

Also this year, the participants of the Erasmus MC-Tour de Rotterdam are cycling in the beautiful Rogelli cycling apparel. The quality is great and the design is original and surprising. It is the calling card for our event.

For many years we are a returning customer at Rogelli. When we make an appointment, they stick to it. And when something goes wrong, it gets solved without any problem. The service is great. It is nice to work together with our friends from Brabant. They have a good heart for the goal of our cycling event.

Last but not least: we are proud that the founder of the business, Rini Wagtmans, has connected his name to the Erasmus MC-Tour de Rotterdam as an ambassador.

- Wim Waninge - Erasmus MC Foundation Rotterdam
Michel Megens  - manager Metec-TKH Continental Cyclingteam


Our team uses Rogelli teamwear since 2016. What is nice about the sportswear by Rogelli, is that it is available in multiple qualities. Besides, Rogelli advices and helps to make a decision out of the multiple fits that are available. Next to the good quality of the sportwear, Rogelli is a nice family business to collaborate with. There is a very informal atmosphere and above all, agreements regarding delivery times are always met. Besides the cycling apparel, we also use jackets, bags and shirts by Gowa Promotions. Also with this department, agreements progress well.

- Michel Megens - manager Metec-TKH Continental Cyclingteam